News update Public Server

Written by Berry Blue Eyes

* New teamspeak server

As a part of the dedicated  public  Space Engineers server we have a new Teamspeak Server available! 
99.9% Uptime guaranteed! Nice place to fall back to, if everything else fails!

Also the Admin of the public server will always be there when he plays SE ;)

The TS server is dedicated to Space Engineers and provides room for 2 small teams ( RED & BLUE ) Which can be used for PvP purposes.

Have fun all, and build save ;)

* New mods added to public server

The public server is no longer vanilla! Some crucial mods make the gameplay much more fun!

First of all the Molecular Transporter ( Beam me up Scotty!)

The single pads have the standard range of 60km and the large pads 120km.

The complete Azimuth Modpack has been installed, giving some awesome blocks to build with :)

Decorations, furniture, letters have been added to make some nifty builds

The servercleanup mod keeps the server clean and informs us regularly of it's status.

The server has been wiped on 14 feb 2018. 

It is a survival server with planetary setup and with oxygen working.

Scripts are allowed