The Vixen + Fighter Nemisis

Written by Berry Blue Eyes

The Vixen MkI Cruiser

Build by Sheriffnl, Inspired on many designs, this ship is fit for most missions. Heavy Armor on the outside, 4 missile launchers. It can take a beating, but also packs a punch on the enemy. This first complete cruiser of the fleet, works best with a multi crew of 4 but also 1 capable captain can fly this beauty.

With 3 Cryochambers inside and 1 at the rear outside, and a medicalbay all personel will perform at it's best in good health. All external doors are fully functional Airlock systems, with Emergency Exits.



  • 38 Ion Thrusters
  • 2 Large Hydrogen thrusters
  • Jumpdrive (200+ km)
  • Assembler
  • Oxygen Generator
  • Separate Crew Storage Containers
  • Molecular Transporter (mod)
  • Ore radar
  • Remote and manual controlled Nemisis Fighter
  • Advanced Bridge controlls with Seperate Comms, Battlestations and Lifesupport
  • MMaster LCD 2 script, automatic Sliding doors script