BigJim - Cargoship

Written by Berry Blue Eyes

BigJim Cargoship (tanker)

The largest ship of the fleet. With it's 311 meters in length, and the 52 dedicated large cargo containers, it can transport a huge amount of cargo. It is not the fastest ship, and it needs a custom made dock for unloading. Two separate large containers are used for storing enough spare parts, ice and uranium for the long trips ahead. 

BigJim does not have any protection aboard, so when on a mission, security escorts are needed to ensure a safe trip.


  • 182 thrusters
  • 3 Gravity Generators
  • 3 cryochambers + medicalbay
  • 2 fully functional airlocks + 2 extra cryochambers
  • 52 Large cargo containers
  • multicrew bridge
  • 8 jumpdrives (empty cargo=78km)
  • MMaster LCD 2 script
  • automated sliding doors
  • CargoOffice with complete summary of loadout
  • Security camera system