Little Joe - Transportship

Written by Berry Blue Eyes

Little Joe - Transport ship

A fast and agile transport ship with a suprisingly large capacity of cargospace! This ship is mainly used for average transport jobs. trips from and to mining outposts are what these ships do best. With only 1 seat available, this ship comes closest to what truckdrivers would be, back on earth.

This ship is completely vanilla, and contains a oxygen generator connected to the cockpit and two medium containers for the storage of the needed fuels; ice and uranium.

The hull is completely light armored, so in case of danger it might be usefull to call in escorts. But in case of emergency, two mounted Gatling Guns are at your disposal to target the enemy and damage their guns or thrusters, and getting the hell outta there!

At this moment our fleet contains three of these ships.


  • 160 thrusters
  • +9M Cargospace
  • Quick acc and stop.
  • front and rear decoys
  • Rear cargo ejector
  • Top connector
  • 2 Gatling Guns
  • Oxygen Generators